Could we get a remake of Jacqueline Wood's trandaddy cheerleader shoot?

Hi! Ever since my membership expanded to unlimited from just Whipped Ass I've been exploring new kinks and fetishes one of them being TS scenes. Well to be honest I've developed a bit of a crush on Jacqueline Woods to the point I wanted to go ahead and purchase her partner site scene from Trandaddy that I believe was shot at the Armory. Unfortunately as I was looking for it I found out it has since been pulled from I don't know how long ago.

The scene was basically Jacqueline acting like a slutty little delinquent at school in a skimpy red and white cheerleader outfit, a letterman jacket, and fullback red panties with "haze me" written on them. Her hair was up in long twin pony tails with bangs framing her face which had dark eye shadow, maybe a little too much blush, and rich thick red lipstick. She honestly looked like a trashy slutty wet dream girl and I loved it! :P

Anyways as the scene progresses she starts teasing the camera while moving up the stairs at school smoking a cigarette, flipping her skirt up exposing her panties, and what was underneath them. Moving to the boys locker room she drew graffiti on the walls until she found a dildo to fuck herself with. She pretty much ends up getting caught peeping on the QB for the football team, bound in several positions including the locker room bench and suspended from the ceiling as she's fucked in all her holes.

Now I know that Jacqueline is long since retired and possibly gone through with SRS, but is there a way to see if she's still out there and willing to perform? Or if that's not possible maybe even do a scene similar to hers with someone new keeping a similar style of slutty delinquent cheerleader who smokes, and is generally being a bad girl? It wouldn't even have to be a submissive transwoman scene, you could have a switch scene, or even a straight up topping scene I wouldn't mind :)
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