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Hi Everyone, and especially the TS people.
The KINK database left out 2 hogtied sets with Wenona: 1839-Wenona-May-11-2004, and 2735-Wenona and Lew Rubens-March-22-2005.
This is what I found, but other sets might be missing as well.


  • Hi Everyone, especially the Tech Support team.
    As I assumed in my previous post, more sets have been left out the database. The new example is WP-900-Kendra James January 16, 2003 (old stuff). I tried to find it searching the DB for all of Kendra James's sets - its not there! I tried the same with Cowgirl (rigger in that set) and it's not there either. I tried the whole WiredPussy and the set is absent.
    I then tried a 'close in time' set: "https://www.kink.com/shoot/950" and changed the ID number to "900" and this revealed the missing set. The HTML has bugs.
  • Hi Everyone, especially the Tech Support team.
    Just found another set 'buried' in the database, unreachable by usual means:
    WB-1784-Venus May and Kendra James-March 25. 2004. Venus May is totally absent as a model and the set is not listed in searches for either Kendra James or Water Bondage. Since I had the set ID #, I found it at "https://www.kink.com/shoot/1784"
  • Hi Everyone, especially the Tech Support team.
    WB-Viking and Kendra James-Sept. 12, 2003 - not listed in searches for any of: Kendra James, Viking, or Water Bondage. see "https://www.kink.com/shoot/1400"
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    Hi Bilyia,

    Thank you for your very thorough research.

    We have recently gone through and pulled older content that has experienced corrupted files. We also had to pull content that has been revoked by credit card companies.

    If you plug in a shoot ID to a URL, such as https://www.kink.com/shoot/900 and receive the "Oops, how naughty of us" error, then this shoot has likely been pulled.

    Some videos were pulled as they are no longer being sold. They are still available to those with subscriptions or who have purchased the shoot individually but you would need to go directly to the URL with the correct shoot ID while logged in to your account, such as https://www.kink.com/shoot/1400.

    If you are experiencing difficulties accessing specific videos, please contact us at support@kink.com so we can look into it further for you. We are happy to help!
  • Hi members and kink_tech_support,
    The reply above, by tech support is off target. I've been pointing to sets (content) which is still present in the data base, but the links to those sets do not appear in searches. If you happen to know the set's ID #, you can download the contents using the URL
    "https://www.kink.com/shoot/###", if you don't, you'll never find the set or be aware of its existence.
    another such example: Maya Matthews at Hogtied, March 13, 2007,
    If you, tech_support people wish to fix the problem, please read my posts carefully and I'm sure you'll get to the bottom of it.

  • Another 'hard to find' set: Kink Test Shots / titled "Latex Bondage", performers: Jenni Lee and Princess Donna Dolore, March 24, 2004, ID # 2530, available only at:

  • To be clear and precise: whoever is in charge of maintaining the data base, should provide links to this set to the models (Jenni Lee and Princess Donna) and to "Kink Test Shots", and to ascertain that searches for the above models or for Kink Test Shots reveal the set. The same applies to the other sets mentioned in my former posts.

  • Hello again @Bilyia -

    I apologize for the misunderstanding, we are apparently both saying the same thing but not comprehending one another.

    You are correct! Those shoots are no longer able to be located by search or browsing. This is deliberate. The publishing team determined that due to lost data, poor quality, or some other reason (depending on the specific shoot), we no longer wanted to make those shoots easily available because they do not represent our content well or do not meet the same standards of technical quality as our other shoots.

    They are accessible to people who already purchased them, however. And members who have Kink Unlimited subscriptions can still access them with the direct link, as you have found.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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    Hello kink_tech_support,
    OK, as we at last broadcast on the same wavelength, do you have reservations against me posting direct links for such 'missing' sets? E.G.: "https://www.kink.com/shoot/1982" WA_Cole Conners and Nina, June 21, 2004 ???
    Btw, I have rechecked all the 'missing' sets mentioned above in my posts, and couldn't find a single one that was below the quality standards of the material posted by KINK. Of course, there might be other reasons, beside quality.

  • Hi everyone,
    Here is an odd 'missing' set: Water Bondage # 3137: Claire Adams and Nina, September 8, 2005. Although Nina is the subject, the set does not show in searches for Nina, but does show in searches for Claire Adams, so it is clearly a database maintenance error, not a set "pulled out for quality reasons".

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