idea for a shoot

another idea for a shoot have like five models put in and have people vote on the favorite two or three let the vote take a month or two when u get or two or three models start taking donations to build a pot let this go on for 6months the girls could come on the forums a build it up and kink live when you get a huge pot set up a scene of mercy have 2 or 3 groups of like two or three dudes if three one large on larger and one huge they team that makes the girl tap first gets a piece of the pot a lot less then the chicks of course they get a regular few as well as for the girls you set up lets say five challenges first reverse cowgirl dp for a set time the guys can tag set up a single pot if a girl taps the other girl gets it second doggy dp repeate as b4 if no one taps all the money goes on third round robin pile driver anal should show lots of gaps here fourth round robin doggy ass high anal lots of gaps if there is dirt and you want to cut it should offer an uncut version very the truly twisted last dap if no one has taped in the previous challenges all the money will be there waiting on the winner both or all three get a regular fee the extra is just to see who the toughest kink model is I think this would make for a crazy hot scene with real energy and limitis will be pushed will probably be the most hardcore scene ever thanks for reading if you do if not thanks anyway


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    way too much 'money' emphasis to do it for real....
    in a fantasy scripted shoot no problem....

    who would be the possible female Models? (active or retired since this is fantasy)

    in no significant order (other than recent KINK Updates)

    AJ Applegate
    Simone Sonay
    Abella Danger
    Adley Rose
    Siouxsie Q
    Chanel Preston
    Ava Addams
    Penny Barber
    Veronica Avluv
    Beretta James

    any other suggestions welcome.....
  • which are all beautiful
  • Look, the models here do not have sex for money. They are here to model for photographs that illustrate the beauty of the human body, all parts of it, which happens to include the anus.
    Now if when they are here to do this they get a little frisky and do some things that are naughty, that's wonderful!
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