Title: Contacting KINK-Support-Team

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if u desire to contact KINK b4 or after you post in these Forums especially concerning Tech issues and/or non-site specific issues here are a few ways...

Classic KINK HELP-Contact Screen/pg[cliK here to use]
KINK3 HELP-Contact Screen/pg [cliK here to use]

Note: Classic (unless KINK chooses otherwise) will eventually disappear... if/when that happens ONLY KINK3 will be available....

Contact KINK-SUPPORT-TEAM via E-mail using Support@Kink.com


  • I would recommend using only the KINK 3 link.

    I used the classic link a few weeks ago and did not get a reply, but when I used the KINK 3 link I got a reply within 30 minutes.
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    kerneman, good/great info.....

    (judging by the 'feed-back' to date) this transition is going to be kinky to say the least ....

    it will be needed a lot

    thnx again...
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