looking for ALL Girls PD shoots. plz help!

Hey people!
as the title says, I'm looking for lesbian public disgrace shoots. scenes without any guys in them.
couldn't find any list anywhere so decided to make this thread. plz share as much as you can.
any help will be appreciated.


  • cant remember too many but i am not a total connoisseur of every shoot at KINK...

    heres one that u may already have
    Mar 2, 2012 - Performers: Jiz Lee and Melissa Jacobs

    and the lesbian sites didnt do much outside and/or in front of audiences
    there were 'Live shows for them but thats prolly not what u r lookin for

    oh well the girls just left -hopefully they can better answer...

    ....Think-Kink.....and.......Always have your KinK-On,,,,,,,
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    ^ thank you, but yes I already have that.
    I also have 2 shoots with bobbi starr and justine jolie. and one with princess donna and ariel x.
    hope there are more than these ones.
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    Certainly, u cant go wrong with those....
    i luv bobbi as sub being partial to brunettes.... and of course a knock-out bod...
    Ariel u cant beat unless she lets u...
    Princess 'cattle-prod' Donna what a 'mind-fuck' and a FANtastic sub ....
    Justine dont know that well ... has great vids..... and a redhead girl w/ three times as powerful sex drive as normal women....only had 2 and its tru......
  • While this site is not the same without the Princess, I welcome back the way this was filmed on a street in Europe.
    This is not just another hot chick exposing herself indecently.
    This format is derived from the Theater Of The Absurd, a genre of stage plays.
    If you don't know what I am talking about, Seinfeld was a small screen version of this genre.
    The theme here is any pretty woman who is top-heavy will be looked at by all the men on the street, and they will be undressing her with their eyes.
    What we see is an honest portrayal of what actually happens in real life.
    Is this idea absurd? Yes, but so is life., so what you see her is actually realistic.
  • Not sure if this has been answered...but on the hardcore GB thread there are a few all girl GB shoots...and I think there's some on WA too...
  • thanx sonia. will be much appreciated if you give me 2 or 3 links... couldn't find anything :(
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