Mother's Day bonus shoot in May ???

Hi Ariel - Will there be a bonus Mother's Day update in May like last season?


  • Folks - Stay tuned for a superhot Mother's Day shoot coming our way very soon. It features the 3 most Gorgeous women at Kink. I am not revealing it
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    we wouldnt want u to spoil the sexcitement or ur sources....
    guess too late for that....
    but(npi/pi) Ariel didnt say how it will be
    hope Ariel gets in as 'wrastlr' (rds 1-3) not just officiating and Rd 4

    so guess still a bit of mystery.... :-?
  • Mate - I just read Twitter posts and make educated guess. I will be so happy to see the 3 most Gorgeous women rolling on the wrestling mats - Wenona, Holly, Ariel. Life can't get any better
  • theres no disputing that Ace, absolutely Brilliant.....u r totally in the kinky twitter zone ....
    and glad u were able to stimulate the kinky crowd....
    cheers and cheeri-o, my friend....
  • I wish ariel would confirm this
  • Ariel has already confirmed in another thread under the Tournament section
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