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Hey everyone, I wanted to give those of you that still visit Wired Pussy to know that we will be migrating it to our new platform within the next week. Electrosluts will stay as is as we implement changes from everyone's feedback. There are still several features that we plan to implement in the cue. I'll give an update once Wired Pussy has migrated and would appreciate any feedback on your experience there. Also, feel free to chime in on any thoughts about the new design of Kink.com (which is live now) in this thread. Though I don't have the power to change things myself, I'd love to advocate for changes you all want!


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    Searching features (on all the KINK sites featuring Models) are the 'hottest' requests that are most troublesome/frustrating for many who post here... 'beta' has a tinge of change but no-where near whats needed....

    thnx for your info... and we will indeed be checking your 'new' features/looks of WP...

    and yes everybody here should give their "Feedback' to all of KINK.com changes...

    thnx again to you - fivestar Director - for your much needed input.....
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    If you have any problems/feedback about the new Wired Pussy platform, please contact support@kink.com and we'll help you out! Also, if it's not pressing, feel free to comment here!
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    fivestar, congrats on your new Directorship role and thanks for your Forum participation its very much needed and is very much appreciated ....

    one issue that seems to be affecting in all Beta' KINK sites and using Lorelei Lee as example....

    KINK Models that have done numerous KINK shoots 'BETA' chops off older ones....
    ( example to date, Lorelei Lee has 33 pages of KINK Vids in 'OLD' version ending in Dec 28, 2002 'Beta' stops at June 13, 2014...)
    and then when u choose/click her last shoot in 'Beta' u r dumped into the site last listed in the Models Video Listing.....

    FiveStar do u know if/when the 'current-old' version is disappearing or how long both will be running? (obviously since ES is not being converted u r still testing...)

    when i c WP/ES specific issues i will post...

    - it stands to reason KINK 2(current-classic version) will remain up until all KINK sites are converted... the question is how long will it be from that point 'till KINK 2 is removed...

    again thanks for your concern, time & attention in communicating with us...
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    rather than clog your Forum site with further issues/problems that Beta has and even some that exist in the current KINK version and still exist in 'beta' - a 'Technical Support' Thread with issues will be created...
  • @gatormax, It's helpful if you also make complaints to me in this thread, because I can advocate for those changes as well as tech support! Also, I'm not sure on the exact timing of the transition to K3, it is my understanding that they'd like to transition as soon as possible, but want to implement all the changes that members find important first. Customer Support should give everyone a heads up and I will too, as soon as I find out! Thanks for participating in the forums, it's very helpful:)
  • We appreciate your proactive participation here!
  • Miss Fivestar...thanks for doing this for all of us!
    Kink isn't perfect but it's a great place for us to play!
  • ok fivestar,
    sounds like a good deal....

    hopefully others will give suggestions
    there have been some already in the Forums....

    cant stess enough how much the SEARCH options need improvement.....

    thnx for advocating and keeping us up to date...
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    fivestar (if u have the powers or support or one who does) u should make an
    'Announcement Thread' in General Forum Category that has priority 1 status so it goes to Top of Forum Threads that announces
    " KINK3 coming soon ... and this version is being discontinued sooner than later........ "
    or some-thing akin to that....

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    KOD, KA, BHK(Behind Kink), Forums where is the DIRECT LINK....
    (if bottom of page is staying then this is ok except Forum Link)

    Going to 'Beta' KINK from these Forums
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    there are many search issues -here is an old one
    from KINK1 to KINK2 the original original (KINK vers-b4 current) when the transition to KINK2 happened we lost a search capability.....
    if you are in a specific site ES for example and u do a search on a model (LL)
    u get all Lorelei Model-vids from all KINK sites...many members liked the feature in KINK1 BUT lost it in KINK2... beta has no fix either....
    in KINK1 u only got the vids of the Model for the Site u were in

    maybe an 'Advanced' search feature...(which i thot beta had at 1 point but i dont see it)
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    what about 'KINK Free Hardcore'

    was available thru 'Accounts'
  • There will be a direct link to forums from the new Kink platform and there is a new layout that will be implemented soon (next couple of weeks) that will take into account suggestions and feedback that will help make the website more user friendly! Thanks for responding, I'll pass your feedback along:)
  • Thanks fivestar!
  • Dear Director Miss Fivestar,

    Thank you very much indeed for your information.

    Since over six years I am a member of Kink.com and I find that the Kink forums and the Kink Communities are really one of the best. So Kink members and users can be a part of Kink and can be in contact with Kink models, Kink directors, Kink people, ...

    Really it would be also very great to have a chance to get back the polls from the old Kink forums.

    Once again thanks a lot that we get a direct link from the new Kink platform.

    All the best
    best regards
    SirMastermind Peter
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    I replied via the survey too but here are my thoughts...

    Generally the old site is better for these reasons:
    - Clearer navigation, new site navigation is too big, fine for a tablet perhaps but the site should be responsive and adapt
    - Able to go back and forward in the page count and date order
    - Able to view multiple video thumbnails, full shoot info etc on a single page (like the 'full view' on the old main sites)
    - No text information visible about the shoots before you click on them, at a glance you should know what the site and models are on each shoot, date of production
    - Not having to scroll down the page as much to view the content types or website links
    - No price information before you sign in or subscribe
    - Site links on footer in three columns - not a single line scrolling for a while.
    - Kink banner is too deep and takes too much precedence - content is more important. Suggest half the height of the banner
    - Links to model pages (from name)

    I'd like:
    - Refine search to only one website
    - All of the functions of the old site
  • Thanks for your feedback!
  • No worries. I can help implement the changes if needed. CSS is my thing :)
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    this may just be me
    the lay-out of 'beta' is not as 'good' as current
    (again newbies wouldnt be familiar with 'older layouts' so prolly mute) but the lack of dates,titles, models is very lacking (imo)
    u have to open every pic to see what is there
    (the 'mouse-over) is nice as it gives a nice view of action) y not include that in the

    here is another ref to 'layout'
    scroll trew gallery?

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    another is lost link from vid page where models listed in Featuring 'by-line' name-hilited no link to Model Profile..
    when a Model was listed in 'current-old-classic KINK 2' site shoots u could go directly to her Model Profile from the Videos by-lines where the Models participating names are listed (hi-lited)... seems that direct link is gone ....
  • There are going to be some UI improvements coming through by the end of the week, and even more next week. There will be some scrolling photos as well!
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    there is more - hope u can accommodate

    1. any way to put in a 'go to' page on 'All Latest Shoots and All Featured'

    2. when searching 'viewer preference' does not work...
  • hopefully as u put out revised versions theres time to take more suggestions as more ppl find out the change-over....
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    @gatormanx, what would the "go to" page look like?
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    all the KINK 2 sites have/had the ability to 'move' quickly thru the vids

    all the new KINK 3 sites including Models are page by page advancing -very tedious (imo)
    goto page

    does that help -let me know.....
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    ohh also put in a sort-by on Models by alpha order pls

    also already req support to cross index Models who also cam (vice-versa)
    they thot it was good-idea......

    and the Model's vids doesnt have an easy view to see all her/their shoots once model is selected....(i dont see it..)
    cherry torn has more than 20 shots
  • What Mr. G describes with the tabs and the page numbers works really well!
  • if hbn likes then it is def needed.......
  • It's just so easy to browse and find what you like...I've done them enough now that I almost know what years shoots are on what page numbers!!!!
  • yes indeed u have hbn and many a kinky traveler has been helped by all your endeavors ... what a kinky girl..... =D> B-)
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