Lift and Carry theme with Ariel-X and Chanel Preston and / or Alina Li

I would love to see a movie where Ariel-X physically lifts and carries and dominates Chanel Preston or Alina Li for long periods of time. Recently, on DivineBitches, Ariel-X easily hoists a man above her shoulders so she should have no problem doing the same to Chanel Preston or Alina Li.

This could even be sexier if it was done in a public setting where a strong, powerful female simply overpowers and woman handles another beautiful woman and carries her down the street in cradle carry, over the shoulder, frontal lift, front and side straddle, etc. Ariel-X would also put on a strap on and perform frontal lift while fucking Chanel / Alina with their legs wrapped tightly around her waist. Also coupled with a lot of deep passionate kissing.

Could something like this be done? I'd would purchase this in a heart beat.


  • Sign me up! Especially if its Chanel!
  • kickbutt chk ur other thread u started...about this request plz
  • A don't mind Ariel lifting but to give it a bondage theme there hands at least should be tied behind back and mouthgagged or its to vanilla.
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    'turn-about' is great..... Ariel lifts & carries after 'brutally' beating her opponent(Lea Lexis) then in Whipped Ass and/or ES and/or in any/all D/fem-sub KINK sites.... Ariel gets 'taken-down' & tied up and .... (use imagination)
    variation Ariel could also (after wrestlin' match) do a DOMME scene in EB then turnabout.... even alternating....

    yes, tracer577, even in KINKs rebranding to KINK-lite there is 'wiggle' room to have some more BDSM included... in a dungeon setting or something 'slave' like......
    not only 'wiggle' room Buttt KINK has the resources.....

    well, when/if Ariel could spare the time....
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